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Harmony in Central Europe - Insight Vacations

You'll find there's much more to Salzburg than The Sound of Music; spend some time taking in the rest of this sophistacated city's baroque architecture, art and culture.

When to go: June-September for a warmer climate and clearer skies; November-December for amazing Christmas markets.

City sights and stunning countryside combine in perfect fashion in Austria. The architectural splendour of Vienna is as enticing as the snow-capped mountain peaks and crystal-clear lakes that you'll find when off the beaten track. With Insight, you can experience the best of both worlds. Find out more about seeing Austria with Insight.



Map of Scotland



Over the centuries, Scotland has been besieged by conflict. Roman and Irish-Celtic invasions were followed by a protracted series of wars with neighbouring England. From this turbulent history emerged many prominent local heroes and fighters. Protagonists like William Wallace and Rob Roy MacGregor are still celebrated by the Scots today, as are the literary luminaries of Sir Walter Scott and Robbie Burns. Nowadays, you are invited to enjoy all these cultural and historical aspects, set against a backdrop of lush green landscapes, spectacular mountain scenery, mysterious lochs and colourful festivals.

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Map of Ireland



Insight’s Ireland showcases the very best sights, scenery and experiences of Ireland including the Wild Atlantic Way and an incredible stay at the distinguished and luxurious Ashford Castle near the picturesque village of Cong – recently respectfully and magnificently restored with a $75m investment by its owners, Insight's parent company. Insight guests can be certain of an extra special welcome and added care and service at this world-famous icon.

Ireland is replete with history, creativity, folk legend, religious devotion, miles of spectacular coastline and an unsurpassed natural beauty, Ireland has so much to take in. Combine this with a lively pub life, vibrant urban cities like Dublin and Cork, and everlasting Celtic traditions, you’ll find Ireland nudging the top of most travellers’ wish list.

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Map of Greece


Greece should be on every traveller's wish list. Considered the birthplace of Western civilization, it has history at every turn – sun-bleached temples, statue-stuffed museums and time worn towns, where one day melts into the next. The miles of aquamarine coastline, endless skies and island studded seas, bathed in blistering light, are not only pleasing on the eye, but a magnet for anyone who appreciates the great outdoors. Then there’s the Greeks themselves, despite the recent ups and downs, they remain warm hearted and hospitable, rich in culture, welcoming you to their festivals and feasts; rest assured, the one constant in Greece, is that you will go home well fed!

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Map of France



As far as location goes, France occupies the box seat of Europe. Neither protruding like Italy or cut off like Britain, it is central but not surrounded, protected by natural borders like the Pyrenees and the Alps. Perhaps that‘s why it’s been the force majeure of European history for centuries. Throw in the French penchant for art, architecture and gastronomy and you have one of the world’s top destinations.

From the WWI Battlefields of the north to the southern sun-baked landscapes of Provence, France never ceases to amaze. Scale the heights of the Eiffel Tower or rub shoulders with the jet-set on the Cote D’Azur. Sip red wine in Burgundy, white wine in Alsace or if you fancy the fizz, Champagne is the place for you! Art lovers seek out the masterpieces of the Louvre or follow the impressionist’s trail to Monet’s house at Giverny.  

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Eurostar: Relax on the smooth, high-speed Eurostar train from London via the historic Channel Tunnel to Brussels.

Map of tour route

Rhine Valley: Watch medieval hilltop castles and vineyards slip by as you enjoy a scenic cruise.

Venice: Glide along the atmospheric canals exploring the intimate and hidden parts of this unique city while musicians set the mood with traditional songs.

Rome: Enjoy VIP fast-track entry into the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel including privileged behind-the-scenes access to the Bramante Staircase.

Stanserhorn: A spectacular journey by a funicular railway and open-top cable car to the summit of the Stanserhorn for expansive mountain views.

Paris: Venture with a Local Expert through the Latin Quarter and see the Notre Dame Cathedral, a masterpiece of French Gothic architecture.

Paris: With tickets to the Eiffel Tower prearranged, ascend and enjoy spectacular views of Paris.



The popular French Polynesian island of Bora Bora is surrounded by a beautiful blue lagoon that is incased in a barrier reef. The unique geography of this dazzling landscape was created from the remnants of an extinct volcano.

One of the nicest things about a trip to Bora Bora is that although French and Tahitian are the local languages, most people you will come in contact with will have a pretty good grasp on English. As far as accommodations go, you could cozy up in the fanciest hotel room or rent a bungalow that is actually built on stilts and sits right over the water!

Being in and around the water is one of the best parts about a visit to Bora Bora thanks to its gorgeous lagoon. Scuba diving and snorkeling are very popular and you may catch a glimpse of the many sharks and rays that live in the water. Bora Bora is the perfect spot for newlyweds to relax and soak up the sun.

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Fiji is blessed with 333 magnificent Fiji islands, some inhabited, most not. The Fiji islands are the essence of a tropical island paradise. White sandy beaches, swaying coconut trees, pristine oceans and waterways, and a range of things to do and see that will appeal to the most discerning traveler. As for the accommodations, Fiji’s hotels and resorts are some of the best in the world. Filled with warm smiles and sunshine, Fiji welcomes you.

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With unspoiled beaches, azure waters, and medieval cities, Croatia is an old world Mediterranean destination. The Dalmatian Coast includes quaint Renaissance towns and hundreds of pristine islands. Hvar Town offers open-air bars, lively cafes, and luxury Croatia hotels along a palm-lined waterfront promenade. In Dubrovnik, the picturesque old town is a labyrinth of cobbled streets and red-tiled roofs.

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Costa Rica is Central America's special jewel. A Costa Rica vacation package promises a unique travel experience for all ages. The country's natural attractions, wildlife and reputation for enlightened conservation draw tourists from all over the world. Successive governments have made a real effort to preserve the country's image as an eco-tourism haven, making Costa Rica one of the best places to experience the tropics naturally and with minimal impact. The country's biodiversity attracts nature lovers from all over the world. Add to this the incredible warmth and sincere hospitality of the local people and the exceptional variety of Costa Rican hotels along Guanacaste's Pacific coast and you have a recipe for a memorable vacation for couples, singles and families!

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Maui vacations offer exceptional experiences. See sunrise atop Haleakala, play on championship golf courses, venture out from your Lahaina hotel and shop for pearls and other treasures, go snorkeling off Molokini, or drive the breathtaking Hana Highway on your Maui vacation. Unwind at renowned Kaanapali hotels, Wailea hotels, or other luxury Maui hotels in Makena, Kapalua, or Hana.

The second largest island in Hawaii, Maui has a diverse and breathtaking landscape that draws large amount of visitors to this unique island each year. Maui is also rich in art & culture, with many festival, live music, and traditional events taking place year-round. Whether its hula lessons, or an art festival, Maui is a must-see for any Hawaiian Island vacation.

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Island of Santorini

An island getaway doesn't always have to mean a trip to the Caribbean. Island of Santorini lies in the Aegean Sea, southeast of mainland Greece. It offers marvelous beaches in addition to a distinctly European vibe.

One of the most remarkable things about Santorini is that the island has no rivers. Up until the past 20 years, the locals had to collect rain in cisterns or from small springs, but today there is a desalinization plant that provides the convenience of running water.

Despite the arid climate, Santorini has a flourishing wine industry. Much of this is thanks to a special grape, the Assyrtiko, which is native to the island and produces a fine and exotic wine like none you have ever tasted. It is the perfect accompaniment to any of the fantastic Greek meals you are sure to enjoy during your stay. 

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Hawaii’s oldest and most tropical island, vacations to vibrant Kauai boast unequalled natural beauty. Also known as “Taua’i”, the Hawaii Island of Kauai is the 4th largest of the main islands. Due to Kauai’s natural tropical locale, the island has been featured in more than 70 well-known movies and TV programs. Looking for some local flavor? Check out the Kauai’s Heritage center of Hawaiian Culture and the Arts, often offering traditional classes in hula a well as trips to cultural and historical sites.
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